Russell Brand became postman for sex

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Los Angeles: Actor-comedian Russell Brand said he became a postman so that he can have sex with women while he delivered letters to them.

The 38-year-old actor claims that he was a mailman for three weeks because he thought women would want to have early morning sex with him, reports

He said: “I was a mail man for a little while - it didn`t go well. In my mind there`s a cultural illusion that this is an opportunity for early morning conjugal activity.”

"I thought the housewives would open the door with a gesture to the nether regions. It turns out it`s not a window for sex. They just want the letters basically. I thought as a mail man, sex would be everywhere for me. Simply not true. It was series of doors being closed in my face,” he added.

After realising that being a postman did not give him the added bonus of casual sex, the comedian resorted to stealing mail.

He said: “It was a zero percent success rate, so I just resorted to stealing letters. It was the only way to cheer myself up. The money`s not very good so you`re not incentivised to not steal the letters."

The star, who divorce Katy Perry in 2012, recently claimed he was trying to be more “discerning” about who he sleeps with and attempting to calm down his sexual obsessions.

Police await Jiah Khan’s medical reports

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Mumbai police Tuesday said they are awaiting medical reports of actress Jiah Khan to ascertain if she had undergone an abortion or been assaulted by her boyfriend, actor Aditya Pancholi’s son Sooraj, as alleged in her letter – found three days after her suicide.

In the light of the abortion which Jiah has mentioned in her six-page letter, which was handed to police by her mother, a Mumbai police officer said they have identified the hospital where the actress was treated and are awaiting the medical reports to take the case further.

“It is there in the suicide note, but then till the time it is not corroborated, we can’t do anything. We are waiting for the hospital report where she was treated. Till the time we don’t get this, we can’t say anything. We have got to know where she was treated, so the report will also come,” the officer, who did not want to be identified, told reporters.

The medial reports will prove whether she had been hit or not, he said.

He also added that the case is at its preliminary stage at the moment and police are investigating further. Talking about the letter, he added that it has to be considered as an evidence as Jiah’s mother has been seeing her daughter’s handwriting since childhood.

“If the mother said that it is hers (Jiah’s), then we must believe in that… she has seen from childhood how her handwriting is. Of course, we are sending it to handwriting experts too,” he said.

Police are also trying to crack the actress’ mobile phone to check her messages. They tried many passwords provided by Jiah’s mother and sisters, but nothing has worked so far and they will be sending it to the experts.

The mother also has written in her statement to police that Jiah and Sooraj were in a live-in relationship since a year, the officer said.

Sooraj, who was arrested late Monday night, will be in police custody till June 13. The arrest came barely two days after Jiah’s family handed over her etter to police. It was found three days after her suicide June 3. – IANS

Saif Ali Khan goes natural for Bullet Raja

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Saif Ali Khan has opted for a naturally tanned look instead of make-up to play a rural gangster in Tigmanshu Dhulia-directed “Bullet Raja”.

According to a source, the actor was required to get a tanned look for his character and to achieve that the 42-year-old would sit outside his van in the afternoon.

“Saif really puts in a lot of effort to get into his character. Tigmanshu wanted a certain tanned look since he is playing a rural gangster. When Saif learned this, he decided that instead of the make-up he would sit outside his van in the afternoons to get the natural tanned look. We all told him that it was not necessary to do that as it was really scorching hot, but he did not listen to us,” said the source.

The actor went to great lengths to get under the skin of Langda Tyagi, his character in critically acclaimed Othello-inspired 2006 movie “Omkara”.

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