Azkar before sleeping

Once...Prophet Mohammad (Sal-lal-laaho- Alaih-e-w- sallam), said toAli (razi-Allaho- anho): Ali! Do 5 things Before Sleeping, Daily.
1. Give 4000 Diner Alms/sacrifice (sadqaa) daily before sleeping.
2. Read whole Qur'aan one time, daily before sleeping.
3. Pay price of Jannah,daily before sleeping.
4. Make a truce/peace between two fighting men, daily before sleeping.
5. Perform a Hajj, daily before sleeping.

Then Ali (razi-Allaho- anho) requested Ya'RasoolAllah(Sal-lal-laaho-Alaih-e-W- sallam).. .!It is very hard to canI'll do all this? Prophet Mohammad (Sal-lal-laaho- Alaih-e-W' sallam)replied:
1. Read "Sura-e-Fatiha" 4 times.....Its equal to sacrificing 4000 diners.
2. Read "Sura-e-Ikhlaas" 3 times....Its equal to reading Qur'aan one time.
3. Read "Durood-e-Ibrahimi" 10 times.....Its equal to paying the price ofJannah.
4. Read "Astagfaar" (Astagfaar =Astag firul'lahaa rabbi min kul'ly zanmbinw'atubu elaihe)10 times.....Its equal to making truce/peace between 2 fighting men.
5. Read "4rth Kalima" 4 times.....Its equal to performing Hajj.



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