Bagh - increasing theft and robbery

RERAH (Ausaf Correspondent) the citizens and traders of Bagh protested against the increasing theft and robbery in the city. The protestants blocked the road at Zaman Chowk to form a procession. The former president of the Trade Union of Bagh and a renowned businessman Maulana Abdul Qudoos urged the AJK Govt. to take emergency steps to stop such activities of thieves in the city before 12th of Rabi-ul-Awal. Otherwise the traders and shop owners will go on shutter down strike and will march towards the capital, Muzaffarabad. Abdul Qudoos said, no robbery or theft has been recovered because of the special cooperation of some of the top officials with the criminals. Instead the police department is being awarded with special incentives from Zakaat fund by the prime minister of AJK. Amjad Yousuf Khan, a well known politician of Bagh whose brother’s warehouse was looted a few days back said that these criminals have links with the Govt. officials and the matter is closed even before the investigation. Further he said that the Trade Union of Bagh has failed in securing the traders of Bagh from such loss and the Union has not yet taken any step nor has approached the Govt. to cope with such situation. The trade union is issuing the cards to the foreigners for 300 Rupees. He appealed the interior ministry of Pakistan to take notice of such activities. It is not worth to register the criminals by issuing them trade cards. How can those people be sincere with the poor who are betraying their department and the prime minister? The district president of the Peoples Party (Trade Wing) Sardar Abdul Qayum Chugtai said that robbers and thieves have occupied the Bagh city and the citizens and the traders are very much unsecure. A petition was also signed in the protest urging IG Police Javed Noor, Chief Secretary, DIG and the Deputy Commissioner of Bagh to start crackdown against these criminals.



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