Harighel Sub Division - A Gateway for new developments in Bagh : Col. Nasim

The minister of constructions, Col. Raja Muhammad Nasim Khan has said that the establishment of Harighel Subdivision is the gateway for the development in the central region of Bagh. The prime minister of AJ&K has put forth 99 percent and I have put 1 percent effort in the establishment of Harighel Sub Division. Sardar Attique is the party leader of Muslim Conference and he has got the full confidence and support of the parliamentarian party of Muslim Conference. There is no forward block in AJK Assembly but the losers are spreading false information to keep themselves alive in the politics. Nasim further said that Muslim Conference will not only complete its current ruling period but will form the government for the next 10 years under the leadership of Sardar Attique. Opposition is taking undue advantage of the friendly behavior of Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan but if the opposition does not change its negative attitude then we will have to take some steps.

Col. Nasim was addressing a huge public procession at Harighel, central Bagh. The procession was organized in connection with upgrading the status of Harighel to the Sub Division. Col. Nasim was welcomed from Mang Bajri to Harighel in a rally with hundreds of motor cycles and vans. Men, women and children were present on both sides of the road to welcome the minister. The whole way was decorated with beautiful flags, banners and flowers. Col. Nasim further said during the procession that along with the development in the construction sector, AJK Govt. is also spreading the network of rural health centers and schools to provide the health and education facilities to the people of rural areas. The prime minister of Pakistan has provided a grant of 11 billion rupees for the development in AJK. We are thankful to the Govt. of Pakistan for starting the projects of billions of rupees for the population living along the line of control. Col. Nasim declared that we will make Azad Jammu & Kashmir a developed state like Dubai. The procession was lead by the president of the Trade Union of Harighel, Sardar Asif. Professor Abdul Jalil Khan, Raja Said Inqalabi, Raja Muhammad Ashraf, Sardar Khurshid, Sardar Niaz Khan, Sardar Muhammad Rasheed Khan Chughtai, Raja Tayyab Advocate, Rana Abdul Sattar, Maqsood Toheedi, Subedar Sarwar, Haji Saleem, Raja Maqsood and others also addressed the procession.



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