17 Useful Facts about SEO

  1. If your website has a penalty Google will probably inform you in your Google Webmaster Account. Why? So you fix it.
  2. If your website is hacked, Google will even try to email you to let you know, but the site will be removed from the index until you fix it.
  3. Your Yahoo rankings can get a quick and fast boost if you submit your website to the Yahoo Directory. Why? Yahoo prefers sites that are listed in their directory.
  4. A Yahoo Directory listing, which is just one link pointing to your website is better than 50-100 links from those free directories... Even though the latter you should submit to as well.
  5. Google has a world-class staff of more than 2,668 employees known as Googlers.
  6. If you submit one article using Article Marketer, and link to a brand new website in the article bio, the new website will get indexed in less than a week guaranteed!
  7. The links you get that have the nofollow tag are only useless in terms of seo for the search engine Google. The backlinks still count for other search engines though.
  8. Optimizing your website before doing keyword research makes no sense, since keyword research is part of the optimization process.
  9. First you need to do keyword research. second optimize your website around those keywords. Not vice-versa.
  10. If you visit Google or Yahoo and search something, the competition number may be millions or billions, but the search engines only have 100 pages of results. That means they show only 1000 websites. The first 3 only get almost all the traffic.
  11. It's better to put just your main keyword in your title tag and keep it short - search engines do not show the entire tag title in search results. Maximum 67 characters.
  12. Inputting all the keywords that took you a lot of time and money (maybe) to research in the keywords tag is a mistake. Competitors can use software to extract that data to save them hours of research. They "copy" and make use of your research... Input main keywords only!
  13. Submitting your website to hundreds or thousands of search engines won't bring you any visitors.
  14. Using the search engine add url submission form won't get you indexed. To cut off the emails they were receiving search engines placed the submission form. Email such as: "Please index my website, it's about shoes". Indexing is completely automated.
  15. Search engines do not rank websites, they rank web pages.
  16. It's false that having Google AdSense or doing PPC Adwords will get you some boost in rankings - or some sort of preference in Google.
  17. Using black hat strategies is like playing scratch and win.

So there you go, hope that was very interesting.



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