20 more Must-Have SEM tools

My recent article 20 Must-Have SEM Tools listed 20 of the most popular time-saving tools you can use to help you with your search engine marketing efforts.

The article proved quite popular with both search engine marketers and webmasters, some of whom decided to send me their favorites that weren't included in the list. I also discovered a few more of my own since I wrote the original article, so I decided to add to the list by reviewing another 20 tools.

So here is a list of 20 MORE must-have search engine marketing tools:

  1. SEO Toolbox
    The SEO Toolbox is a collection of 11 free SEO tools developed by the team at SEOmoz, including a backlink checker, URL inclusion checker, an outbound link checker, domain age detection and a PageRank checker.

    Price: Free

  2. EditPlus
    EditPlus is a 32-bit text editor, HTML editor and programmers' editor for Windows. While it can serve as a good replacement for Notepad, it also offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers.

    Price: Shareware (Registration fee encouraged)

  3. WordPress
    Like Blogger, WordPress offers hosted blogging and blog templates. Unlike Blogger, WordPress also offers a stand-alone publishing platform to enable you to host and fully manage your own blogs.

    Price: Free

  4. Marketing Experiments
    MarketingExperiments is an online laboratory engaged in research publishing and education. Their mission is to test and document every conceivable marketing method on the Internet.

    Price: Free

  5. Web Page Analyzer
    Web Page Analyzer is a free web page analysis tool and web page speed tester to help you improve your web site's performance. Enter a URL and the tool will calculate page size, composition, and download time.

    Price: Free

  6. Web Accessibility Toolbar
    The Web Accessibility Toolbar has been developed by the Web Accessibility Tools Consortium to aid manual examination of web pages for a variety of aspects of accessibility. It's particularly helpful for site usability testing and there are versions for both Opera and Internet Explorer users.

    Price: Free

  7. Search Engine Friendly Layouts
    SearchEngineFriendlyLayouts offers CSS-based layouts that are known to be search engine friendly (easier for search engine robots to index). All of the XHTML, CSS and Javascript code used in the layouts are provided for use free of charge.

    Price: Free

  8. The Interactive HTML Tutorial
    Dave's Interactive HTML Tutorial is a tutorial for anyone who is serious about learning HTML code or who just wants to brush up on some of the basics. It includes code descriptions and integration examples.

    Price: Free

  9. Indextools
    Indextools is another popular web site analytics program that also offers built-in PPC bid management tools.

    Price: From USD 49.95 per month

  10. WordTracker
    WordTracker was one of the very first keyword research tools available on the Internet. It helps you pinpoint the most popular keywords for your product and services, generate thousands of relevant keywords to improve your organic and PPC search campaigns, research your online markets and find niche opportunities to exploit.

    Price: From USD 30.00 per week

  11. CSS Layout Techniques
    CSS Layout Techniques catalogs search engine friendly web site templates based on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). All code is made freely available for download. The site also includes links to various online CSS resources and tutorials, appropriate for both the novice and the seasoned CSS veteran.

    Price: Free

  12. RSS Feeds Submit
    RSS Feeds Submit is automatic RSS and blog submission software that submits your feed to over 80 search engines and directories automatically. The creators claim it's the quickest way to submit your feeds to the most popular RSS directories and blog search engines. You can also choose to submit your site manually to directories that require more detailed information about your feed.

    Price: USD 29.95

  13. iBusinessPromoter (IBP)
    iBusiness Promoter (IBP) is a suite of professional web promotion tools created by Axandra.com that helps you with all aspects of website promotion and search engine optimization. It includes tools for optimizing your pages and links, researching keywords, submitting your site to search engines and directories and search position querying to determine how your site pages are ranking for particular keywords.

    Disclaimer: Some of the functions performed by this tool (e.g. automatic submissions and search rank querying) are discouraged by Google in their Webmaster Guidelines.

    Price: From USD 249.95

  14. Bid Rank
    BidRank is a desktop application that you run on your PC to help you manage your PPC campaigns and automate the keyword bidding process. There are two versions of the product available: BidRank for Yahoo! which is a Yahoo! approved third party bid management tool to help you manage Yahoo! Search Marketing campaigns. Then there's BidRank Plus which works with multiple pay-per-click search engines, including Google AdWords, to help you manage multiple PPC keyword accounts.

    Price: From USD 14.90 per month

  15. Hot Banana Web CMS
    Hot Banana is an easy-to-use Web Content Management System (Web CMS) that helps marketers build and manage SEO-friendly Web sites that can be automated and optimized for maximum lead generation and conversion performance. Content Management Systems are notorious for being SEO unfriendly but this one is purposely built to avoid such problems.

    Price: From USD 329.00 per month

  16. WebPosition
    WebPosition is a powerful suite of tools aimed at improving your web site's search engine positioning and monitoring performance. WebPosition allows you to check your search engine rankings, target your keywords, optimize pages using built-in expertise, submit URLs to search engines and analyze conversions using WebTrends site metrics.

    Disclaimer: Some of the functions performed by this tool (e.g. automatic submissions and search rank querying) are discouraged by Google in their Webmaster Guidelines.

    Price: From USD 149.00

  17. Competitive Intelligence
    Trellian's Competitive Intelligence provides the means to monitor your competitors' web sites to identify their major traffic sources. You can find out which sites are responsible for sending traffic to their pages, including search engines and the search keywords used.

    Price: From USD 99.95 per month

  18. HTML Toolbox
    The HTML Toolbox from NetMechanic is an online tool that helps you discover HTML errors and syntax that prevents browsers from processing your HTML and prevents visitors (both humans and spiders) from reading your site. HTML Toolbox automatically fixes html problems upon request with one quick click. The Toolbox includes several tools in one, including a HTML Check and Repair, a Spell Checker, HTML Validator, Browser Compatibility Check and a Load Time Checker.

    Price: Free for up to 5 pages

  19. Web CEO
    Web CEO claims to be the most complete SEO software package on the planet. The latest version of this SEO/SEM software provides the ability to research keywords and keyphrases that will bring most targeted visitors to your site; optimize your Web pages for better search engine visibility; submit your site to search engines; research, analyze and build links; manage pay-per-click campaigns; track your positions in search engines; review site traffic statistics; get rid of errors on your sites; find bad links before your visitors do; edit your Web pages; upload any file or folder to your site and monitor the availability of your web site.

    Disclaimer: Some of the functions performed by this tool (e.g. automatic submissions and search rank querying) are discouraged by Google in their Webmaster Guidelines.

    Price: From USD 199

  20. AdWatcher
    AdWatcher is a suite of tools designed to help you receive the maximum ROI for every advertising dollar you spend from online marketing campaigns, be it Google AdWords, banners, text links, or email marketing. It detects and combats click fraud and allows you to manage all of your ad campaigns from one easy-to-use interface. Essentially, it provides click fraud monitoring and ad tracking.

    Price: From USD 29.95 per month

So there you have ANOTHER 20 time-saving tools to help you with your search engine marketing efforts. Now there's no excuse for avoiding SEM. Happy site marketing!



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