25 Simple Blog SEO and Traffic Tips

This is a nice concise list of 25 ways to greatly increase your blog's traffic and search rankings.

  1. Content is king!
  2. Submit your site to as many search engines as possible. After the initial indexing I would recommend resubmitting every 6 months.
  3. Comment on as many blogs as possible. Make your comments thoughtful and not spammy.
  4. Link up with popular blogs - trackbacks can be good for SEO as well as your traffic.
  5. Write a good article and get it on a site like Digg, although this won't help as far as traffic goes (you will get a HUGE boost for a few hours, then it will tone back down, you probably won't get any permanent readers from Digg) and it sure doesn't help with your relationship with your web host, it can create some new inbound links.
  6. Use Google Sitemaps! Instead of the GoogleBot searching for your pages you can tell it where your pages are. This is a great way to get your whole site indexed.
  7. Content is king!
  8. Get listed on web directories like dmoz. Although many SEO "experts" think it is overrated no one disagrees that it can help boost your site's rankings.
  9. Add some links for feed readers and blog aggregators like BlogLines, Google Reader, and Yahoo! MyWeb.
  10. Add some social bookmarking links at the bottom of each post.
  11. Make it easy for your users to find your RSS feed.
  12. Add a "E-mail This!" link either on the header or the footer of each post.
  13. Content is king! (see a pattern?)
  14. If you write a really good post try e-mailing the URL to some big-name bloggers with a short personalized message. You never know, they might like it and link to it.
  15. Try asking some big sites who are in your niche if they would like to trade links. More often than not they will say "no", but at least give it a try.
  16. Don't obsess over "get rich quick" schemes.
  17. Don't obsess over "get lots of traffic really quick" schemes.
  18. Submit your RSS feed to a bunch of RSS directories.
  19. Use Ping-O-Matic to notify a ton of aggregators that your site has been updated.
  20. Don't obsess over the numbers - it takes time to build up a good reader base.
  21. Make your posts as keyword rich as possible. Whenever you can use a word that has to do with your niche, use it!
  22. Use lists, especially if your site is targeted towards more tech-savvy users.
  23. If you have a MySpace page or a home page on a similar service put up a link to your blog.
  24. Tag important keywords.
  25. Last but not least, offer free stuff. Everyone loves free stuff!

The really important thing you have to remember is, just have fun. If your blog is causing you to become stressed out then it probably is not a good idea to continue blogging. If your readers can tell you are having fun while providing good content they will become permanent readers.



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