Ameesha Patel to shift her new home in Juhu

Actress Ameesha Patel will be shifting to her new home in Juhu, Mumbai in a month a paper reported. Interestingly, the new home will be smaller than her current apartment.

About her decision, the actress told the paper, “Though my apartment in Juhu was very large with a terrace, I will be shifting into a smaller one soon. It’s very difficult to maintain a large home on one’s own. I love cleanliness and like to do everything myself, so I want to stay in a smaller home, a 2 bedroom one. Smaller apartments are easier to keep clean especially with my hectic lifestyle. I have almost finalised the new apartment.”

She further informed the paper that she may rent out the penthouse but won’t sell it.”

Ameesha also revealed to the paper that she will be doing the interiors of her house. “I had done the interiors and decoration of the Juhu penthouse myself and will do the new one too. I am not taking any stuff from my old home but will be refurbishing it completely. It’s stressful to design and start from scratch; but I love picking up small knick-knacks and stuff from all over the world on my own and decorating my apartment and giving it my own unique style.”



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