The Arctic - Polar Caps

Global warming specialists see the Arctic as the world's canary in the coal mine - if its falls, it is a harbinger of imminent, immediate danger.

Alarmingly, Arctic ice is thinning rapidly, melting and rupturing due to temperatures that are rising twice as fast as anywhere else in the world.

The largest single block of ice in the Arctic known as the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf survived 3,000 years on earth only to splinter in 2000, forcing whole groups of polar bears, whales, walruses, seals and yes, native human beings to change their living patterns.

The polar ice cap of the world - earth's supposedly permanent ice cover - is contracting at a rate of 9% each decade, implying that we could be ice-cap free by the dawn of the 22nd century.

This is bad news, for the ice cap is the shield that keeps our earth from absorbing more sunlight and becoming hotter.

The additional flood of melted water will also lead to rising sea levels that may drown out island nations like the Maldives, Singapore and cripple even major cities like Shanghai.

The warmer Arctic will change weather patterns, causing animal reproduction and agricultural yield to be erratic.

Isn't it high time we humans start saving energy for the sake of saving our only inhabitable planet in the universe?

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