Basking in wedded bliss ...,My valentine parents:)

Chocolate and strawberries, heart shaped boxes, candlelit dinners, a little Frank Sinatra singing in the background, and cupcakes topped with cherries, frosting, sprinkles, and favorite valentine's day is here and I'm ready to start enjoying it right now.

Feeling reminiscent today as I think back on what a wonderful childhood I was truly was a gift. My parents, along with parents everywhere worked so hard to make sure we were carefree, safe, happy, and presented with experiences that would make a wonderful life for us.

It seems so hard to do this now ..... The memory that is floating around in my mind today is that of my mom sending me off for a picnic with my neighbor friend joe...he lived across the street and we were the best of buddies growing up. I had a sandwich with cucumber and mustard---a fave of mine then, definitely not now :), a baggie full of grapes and a juice to take as we headed out into the fields to bother the birds, watch the butterflies, and explore. I love how life brings us full circle...I am also thankful my life has been pretty gentle. Of course I have had my major bumps and life has brought me to my knees in tears and prayer and will continue to...but for the most part, it has led me gently along to where I am today.
A little of this and a little of that today.
Did you know I love making Valentine cards more than any other? Ohhh....must be something about the hearts, pinks, reds, sweet sentiments, cinnamon lips.....the list goes on and on. Anyway...

The happiest The merriest Valentine's Day to my awesome Parents.



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