The best antivirus to me

Peace and have a nice days ahead. Now i wanna talk about the best antivirus that i ever use. This is personal thought ok , not a benchmark of many PCs and so on. But i'm happy with my new antivirus now that was introduced to me by a great friend of mine couples months ago. And this is my personal view about the AV and not related to anything else.

I tested almost all AV before, include Kaspersky, Alvira, Norton, AVG and so on. And my last favourite is AVG and i use it for long time. Until i try AVAST, it's like a miracle to me so far alhamdulillah and thanks to my friend too. And so far, i have installed it for almost 5 months and nothing yet interrupted my PC. It's still run smooth without any problem.

Previously, with AVG , usually in 2 months there will appear a problem. Because ya know, i always surf internet and almost all day long my PC online. And i enter many kinds of sites and it is high possibility to be infected by a virus and spyware. And usually my PC will go crazy during this time.

So this is a new record to me for my PC to stand firm without having any problem. So i recommend you too to try Avast, because from my years of experiences using PC , this is the time i'm not having much problems. Avast is the best antivirus software to me. All the best :)



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