Best Placement Format That Can Increase Your Profits

The google Adsense program is a fantastic way for anybody no matter his or her Internet experience or technical level to make significant, steady income on the Internet, almost as an autopilot.

For Example, some of google Adsense great benefits include:

  • You don't have to sell anything and deal with customer complaints like in Ebay businesses our worry about payments or be forced to refund these payments for whatever reason.
  • You wont have to invest countless hours trying to contact potential JV partners and dealing with possible rejections.
  • You don't have to buy over-rated private label ebooks everybody else is trying to sell.
  • Or spend lots of time researching possible profitable Niches, only to find that the seats have already been taken by savvy Internet marketers.

But how does the Google Adsense program work?

Simple, you apply to google using your website or blog and you get accepted. You can find details about this process at google's website.

Google places ads on your web pages. These ads are closely related to the contents of that page. For example, if you have a page on bad credit repair, google will only place ads relating to “bad credit repair” on that page.

This policy works very well to your advantage. It maintains the quality of your site by keeping a uniform content. Visitors searching for particular keyword information arrive at your site and click on the google adsense ads. You will make money as long as the visitor clicks through, whether they buy item or not. You can also profit from the cost per-1000 impressions or cpm.

The above explanation sounds simple, but why are many people disappointed by their google adsense earnings? Well. The problem can be narrowed to poor Ad placement.

According to google help center: you should ask yourself the following simple questions before designing your google adsense pages:

  1. What is the visitor trying to accomplish by visiting your website?
  2. What do they do when viewing a particular web page?
  3. Where do you suppose they are focusing their attention?
  4. How can you blend your ads into this area of focus without appearing to be selling them something?
  5. How can you keep your pages clean, uncluttered and professional looking to captivate your visitors' attention?

In summary, most savvy Internet marketers agree on the following optimal google adsense ad format and strategies:

  1. Concentrate on only one google adsense ad format - the large rectangle (336 x 280). Thus format has proven to attract a higher click-through-rate (ctr). Why, you may ask? Basically because these types of ads look like normal web links that your visitors are used to clicking on. They will automatically click on them, and of course you will make money.
  2. Choose a google adsense ad palette that matches your site's theme. That is, if your site has a white background, then choose white color for your ad boarder and background.
  3. Place google adsense ads at the top of your page, where visitors can see them-quickly.
  4. Include 3 to 4 unique images that will make visitors focus on the adsense ad area. Best placements are beneath the images.
  5. Remember to optimize your web pages with appropriate keywords. Observe the following basic rules as much as possible, as you build your website pages:
    • Choose 2 to 3 keywords per page.
    • Choose keywords with high-bid amounts as primary keywords.
    • Use the primary keyword in your title, and then repeat title in the body of your article, especially within the first paragraph.
    • Bold your primary keyword and other keywords about 4 times within the body of the article.
    • If this is a blog post, hit the return key a couple of times at the end of article, and finish with primary keyword all by itself.
    • Last but not the least, placing a google search box on your website can increase your adsense revenues dramatically.



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