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What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is simply selling other peoples products. You can advertise their products on your blog or website and direct traffic to their site. If someone goes to your website and clicks on an affiliate link and then goes on to purchase your affiliates product you get paid. Your affiliate knows that so and so came from your site because your affiliate number is in the link.

You've got to be careful about just how you jump into affiliate marketing. A lot of new affiliate marketers just jump right in once they decide that affiliate marketing sounds like a pretty good idea. However, you could end up doing lots of work for nothing if you didn't take the time to do a little market research. You want to be in a hot market that sells. You don't want to end up selling "Floppy Disc's At Discount rates!" just to "jump right in".

So here's a quick guide to selecting a decent market to promote.

  1. Go to Clickbank and get an account. It's free and easy. I like Clickbank because the pay outs are high, often over %50.
  2. Once you've signed up at Clickbank go to the Clickbank marketplace. You can browse thousands of products. You will probably want to start small and select a niche that is not very competitive. Select 5-7 affiliate programs and keep your information organized.
  3. You'll notice under each listing there are some stats in green. The first one, on the left looks like this: $sale -this stat tells you how much you'll get paid for each sale. The next stat looks like this: %/sale:-this stat tell you what percent commission you will receive. The next stat is: %refd -this tells you the percent of sales generated by affiliates. The last stat looks like: grav 299.01 -this stat tell you the gravity or and represents how many affiliates are selling this item. New hot products can have a very high gravity, sometimes even around 900!
  4. The two main stats to be concerned with are the percent of sale which should be above %50, and the %refd stat which you want to be near %65.
  5. Once you get into the swing of things try this more advanced technique. Track new products that are on say, page 5 ( these will typically have low gravity) and if you see them move up a couple of pages jump on! You could be one of the first to promote this soon to be hot product.

This process is really easy and kind of fun too. You should be able to make a more informed decision about which products you are going to promote.



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