Do you believe ?

Hello,I mean to write, I always mean to write.But, the days, they get in the way. And the nights get in the way too.My bones say "sleep, please sleep". Shh, you can wait a little while bones.
Tonight i've been to the Mayor’s Parade.
With warm milk and sugar and frozen fingers.Blue toes.Boys wearing tail-coats (would you catch my eyelashes too).I had to be home at seven o'clock to dance in my bedroom.Somebody has to take care of the tambourines and make my toes pink again.
Here's something for you to see,'The Tale of You and Me and Make Believe'I only started it yesterday, it's for someone. Someone i've never even met,But I know they're breathing out there somewhere. I know in my bones (my sleepy bones). This is for You



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