Drapes jacket over her shoulder

To be honest, it amazes me how shallow seduction has become with the invention of the internet. Like text messages sending your heart leaping and quickening your pulse. I am a fan of words and have had a number of friendship relations, some consumated, others not.
Sometimes, I try and give the impression that I am a modern woman, but this is false, and false does naught but set you back. So if I admit to my myself that I am in fact an old fashioned I feel a Hell of a lot better about myself.
I am no swinger.
It's okay to believe in old fashioned romance. Candlelight dinners. Flowers. Love letters.
I really dig those things. And I think they are so much more real than a hot, breathless email, or a flirtatious text relationship. Though those things carry such power.
But, I'd like to sit in a park today, eating sandwitch and drinking mineral water and staring and laughing and rolling in the grass down a hill, toasting one another and wrapping myself in romance and warmth. And love.
Yes. That would be nice.
I believe in forever. Though forever does not believe in me.
Though I am not yet one of them, I believe it is time for the return of the old fashioned lass.
*starts growing hair*
*cover fully*
I think it would be nice if once courtship begun, emails and texts were banned. Bringing romance and reality to the fore, reminding people of the here and now. Her, breathless and waiting. Him, arriving with flowers and opening doors.
I really forget these things sometimes. But they're nice to remember. Being nice to people is so easy and so beautiful. But we should do it in person more.



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