Gas prices rise high because of what?

Gas prices is the main and most important topic today. Many countries having trouble because of it. Since the gas prices became high, all other products also rise high. And it's all happened not long after USA conquered Iraq. Oh yes, they want to conquer all of the countries that have oil.

Behaviour of a colony still not dissappear from them. I don't know until when they will behave greedy and arrogant like that. But i hope they will repent and be a good government someday. They are really gave many damages to the world all these times. They are just think of their own stomach and their own childrens, but forget that we are all human being, came from same father and mother, and have feeling and heart. No matter we are black, white, Aseans, Arabs, Chinese and so on, we are all the same.

Please realise US government, please realise, you are not helping the world right now, but you are ruining it. Don't pretend to be a hero while the truth is you are the biggest terrorist. And you are marking Syiria next, Iran and all of those countries that will give wealth to you.

We are all will die someday, then if we done so many wrong today, we will suffer in the afterlife world. Please be realise of that and be a good human please. . . . . . .

Oil and gas will vanish someday if you are so greedy for it. God is not like a greedy person. Don't you realise that?

And one more thing , there are so many gas companies owned by Illuminati. That's why they control everything now and will cause damage to this world gradually.



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