Getting The Most Out Of Google Adsense

If you look closely you'll notice that on almost every single blog out there you'll see something known as Google Adsense, If your unfamiliar with them and don't know how they work, its rather quiet simple, you take some code place it in your blog and from there Ads are displayed from thousands of publishers who use Google Adworks and when someone clicks on one of those ads you make money.

If I had to guess I would say that at least 70 to 80 percent of people who use Google Adsense have no real clue how to maximize their profit with them, most people just set up some ads and place them on their site and don't do anything else, if you are one of these people then you are not making as much as you should be by doing this and I'm going to explain some ways of how you can improve your profit with them.

First I want to point out that every blog will generate different amounts of money by using Google Adsense, this is because the Ads come from people who are paying Google Adwords to display them and some people pay more then others, so a blog about the sky might not pay as much then a blog about technology because the technology sector is much more competitive then the sky and people will pay more to have their ads displayed.

So how do we get an idea of the amount of money we can generate using Adsense when we are not allowed to discuss it? Well one of the simplest ways is to use the Google Adwords External Keyword Tool. Using this tool is extremely simple, lets say you've got a blog about cars and in the majority of your posts you use the word "Cars", what you do is type "Cars" into the tool and press "Get More Keywords", this will generate a list of several keywords that people are paying for, what you want to focus on is the green bar under "Advertiser Competition", the higher the green bar, the more competitive that keyword is and the more money you'll make if ads about that keyword are being displayed on your blog.

That sounds fairly straight forward doesn't it? Now comes the question of targeting those keywords, most people think that there is no way to tell Google which Ads to display, this is a common myth surrounding Adsense, now you cannot exactly tell Google to display car ads on a biology blog, that simply will not happen, but lets say your using the word "Cars" in the majority of the posts you make and from what we can tell from theAdwords Tool the keyword "Cars" is very competitive and it should pay quiet well.

What you can do is place these two bits of code around the text that you want Google to target, the first one looks like this and the last one looks like this what these two tags will tell Google is that instead of taking every keyword on your blog, it will only take the keywords in the text between these two tags. This will refine how well Google displays ads on your site.

If your using Blogger or some other sort of blogging program the easiest way would be to wrap these two tags around the <$BlogItemBody> tag in your template, from there Google will only display ads based upon which keywords each of your posts have. Google will generally display ads based upon how much your keyword density is, so if your using the keyword "Cars" in the majority of your posts, you'll get more relevant ads about Cars and we know that this keyword should pay quiet well and you'll be making more money from it.

Now I want to cover one more tag that you can use with Google Adsense if you don't want to use the two tags I just talked about, they have another tag which looks like this and when you wrap these tags around certain parts of your blog, Google will simply ignore all the keywords in those sections, as you can tell by doing this you get much more control over the type of ads that are being displayed and once you use these systems together you can start to maximize your potential profit with Google Adsense.

These few examples will help you increase the amount of money you get when someone clicks on your ads and it will allow Google to target the content on your site much better, by having more relevant ads on your site you should see your click through rate begin to go up.

The last thing you should be aware of is the colors of your ads, the size of your ads, and the frequency of the ads showing up on any given page. The first thing you want to do is make your ads blend in with the rest of the content, you don't want to make people think all your after is a bunch of clicks, you want them to flow very nicely with the rest of your content, so if the majority of the links on your site are blue then make your Adsense links blue and if your text is black make the Adsense text black and so on.

The size of your ads also influences the amount of clicks your going to get, if you blatantly place huge ads all over your site people will start to trust you less and when you loose a readers trust you loose that much more clicks, its better to provide your users with quality content and ads that don't say "HEY CLICK HERE". Have a look at this particular blog and see how I've got my Adsense blocks laid out, as you'll see they blend in quiet well, they obviously could blend in a little bit better because they do pop out a bit but they don't scream at the user, this mixed with good quality content makes the stand out more acceptable.

The very last thing is the frequency of the ads being displayed on your blog, Google only allows you to display 3 ad blocks on any one page, so if you try to place twelve ad blocks only three will show ads and the rest won't even be noticeable, as well you have to remember that the more ads being shown on your site takes away from the amount of money you'll get per click, I'm unsure of exactly how this all works with Google but simply put the more ads means less money.

Now I'm not telling you to only display one ad on your entire blog to gain maximum profit, you could but you won't be reaching maximum profit, simply because the less ads you have displayed means the less people will click on them and the less money you'll make. The best way to deal with this is to test different ad placement on your site to see which area's gain you the most amount of clicks while maintaining the least amount of ads, you can monitor your results in Google Adsense.

Just keep an eye on your CTR (Click Through Rate) and remember how many ads are being displayed on any particular page, you'll eventually find exactly how many ads you should be displaying and which area's those ads should appear. If you employ all of these techniques there is no reason why your Adsense profit should not go up.

So what are you waiting for, take the 10 minutes and change things around to start earning some more money with your Adsense ads and if you found this information useful please support it by clicking the Digg button below, plus if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them and I'll do my best to answer. Thanks & Enjoy.



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