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Of the most important on-page SEO factors, the content of each page is obviously important. However, the inclusion of a large number of pages also gives your site a lot of credence in the eyes of Google. This is because Google loves content, and the more of it you have the more weight you will receive. Obviously the quality, relevance, and optimization is important but generally speaking the more content you can provide the better. This content can come in various forms and by optimizing every page you can also target a much greater number of keywords with more effect.

Why Google Loves Content Rich Websites

Google, like all search engines, use complex algorithms to determine exactly where your pages and website will show up in the result pages. While the exact details of Google's algorithms are not known, several factors have been calculated as being among the more important. One of these is the amount of information a site presents to visitors. The theory is that the more pages of content your site has the more value it provides to your visitors. Interlinking between pages within the content of each page is also believed to have a positive effect.

Methods To Include Increased Content

It's all well and good knowing that your site needs more content. It's equally useful to know that your visitors will be just as appreciative of this fact as Google will be. The question is, how can it be done?

Using The Proper Page And Sub Page Hierarchy

The most important consideration is how easily accessible and easy to navigate your site is. Simply including tens or hundreds of top level pages is not likely to give the clean navigation system that your user's require even though it will help provide the level of content you should be looking for. One solution is to use a proper hierarchy of internal pages. Under each of the major pages of your site include several sub pages, concentrating on different or more specific keywords and topics. This allows you to target a huge number of your most relevant keywords without creating a site that is difficult to get to grips with.

Site Specific Article Directories

Site-specific article directories are becoming increasingly popular. Including an article directory that is packed full of useful and informative articles gives your visitors real value and, again, allows you to target more keywords and attract more customers. This is actually very similar to the use of pages and sub pages except that you can always ask your visitors, or rely on e-zine article sites, for the majority of the content you require.

Blogs And News Headlines

Blogs and latest news sections are also very popular and beneficial. A lot of sites now include blogs. These can give relevant news stories, talk about specific topics, or just about anything you want. Search engines, including Google, have a certain affinity to the blog because they instinctively recognize that most contain lots of information rich pages. News headlines can concentrate specifically on your website, or company, or they can be more generally based on the industry in which you operate. Many sites use a blog to highlight the news stories because of the ease and affordability.

Further Benefits Of Content Driven Sites

We've intimated that your visitors will be equally appreciative of an informative, content-based site. The more information you can provide to visitors, the longer they will remain on your site and the more trust you will have gained. Site visitors that leave with nothing have no reason to use your site and no reason to purchase for you. If you can enrich their visit with hard facts, or useful or entertaining content, then you are greatly increasing the chance that they will purchase your product or click your links.

Important Precautions Before You Begin

There are very few precautions you need to take beside site accessibility and navigation factors. Ensuring that your visitors and the search engines have easy access to all of the pages of your site is essential; otherwise you will gain little or no benefit from your efforts. Larger sites with a complex hierarchical structure should consider the use of a sitemap to ensure that search engines do not get lost in the pages of your site. This way you should be able to virtually guarantee that every page gets indexed, ranked, and hopefully visited.

Content Quality Is As Important As Content Quantity

Another precaution you should take concerns the quality of the content itself. Not only should you completely avoid using the same content on more than once occasion but also you should ensure that every page offers some value. The problem is that in a bid to create numerous pages on various topics, sometimes the quality can suffer in place of quantity. Remember that Google spiders aren't your only concern and your human visitors will want to read invaluable and informative content.


Google, as the largest and most populous of search engines, is considered the most important. Getting a top ranking in the Google search engine result pages is, therefore, the Holy Grail of SEO efforts. By reaching this coveted top position it is feasible that your website could see hundreds or even thousands of new visitors every single day. Google loves nothing more than content rich and content packed websites and by including a page hierarchy, an article directory, or a blog it is possible to take advantage of the Google spiders as they pass through your site.



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