Gresso Lady Diamond luxury phone targets the fairer sex


The latest from the house of Gresso is the Lady Diamond luxury phone, which looks to be aimed straight at trendy women. The phone case is hot red, done in titanium and covered with high-tech ceramic of magenta diamond color. This color has been specially produced for this limited edition collection. To add the luxe touch, the navigation keys are made of gold and decked out with four white diamonds. Other keys come with 18 carat gold plating. The front panel of the phone is festooned with a gold triangle, which can be seen on all the Gresso phones. The design takes its inspiration from the Swiss skeleton watches. The back is done with sapphire crystal that lets the user see the inner mechanism. The battery cover comes with a magnetic lock and is covered with genuine leather. The spec sheet reads Windows Mobile 6 Standard, GSM/GPRS connectivity, Bluetooth, music player, a 2MP camera and 2GB of onboard memory. With only eight examples available, the red hot Gresso Lady Diamond can be yours for $5,500.



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