He woke, and wondered more: for there she lay.

Not feeling too chatty today....don't know where my normal self is at the moment, but maybe me being silent is OK once in awhile. Just wanted to share this today :)

Everybody is hunting for happiness -- and happiness is everywhere. beauty, simplicity, and peace are the least expensive things in the world. Happiness is supremely simple: as simple as religion, when it is expressed in the one word, "Love." As simple as sunshine, fresh air, cold water. All the really big things of this little world carry no price tags."
Lydia N. Jones

So true....love doesn't cost a penny....and it is more powerful that anything. So much good can come from expressing it, showing it, and sharing it. Our nature gave us the beauty of the world to remind us of lord love and to make us happy...I for one love nature and the glorious beauty that surrounds us. So much to enjoy and add happiness to our daily lives.

Such a heartwarming day....one that leaves my heart smiling tonight.
Hope yours is smiling too:)
Lots of things to leave me happy tonight...currently it's my soul fulllllll of love and comfort.



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