Hot HD Camcorders, iMac Challenger and More

Canon's newest hard drive-based camcorder is prettier than a Tahitian sunset, and captures dazzling video that looks as good as any we've seen from a consumer shooter. The 40-GB hard drive will hold five and a half hours of footage of real-deal Full HD video -- meaning 1920 x 1080i -- for all the detail that fancy TV of yours can handle. But be warned, while the compressible AVCHD format may let it shoot more footage in less space, it’s only compatible with a handful of newer editing programs.

WIRED: Stunningly gorgeous video with true-to-life colors looks almost 3D. Brilliant 2.50-LCD shines like a diamond, even in full sunlight. Rotating thumbwheel makes menu navigation a snap. First rate optical image stabilizer and drop-sensing hard drive are great for on-the-run shooting. Smaller than many SLR still cams.

Slow to focus on fast-moving targets, with visible artifacts trailing behind. Lackluster wind-cut feature left our sound twisting in the breeze. Outputs limited to USB 2, mini HDMI and AV.



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