How if Obama become a president

How it's gonna be if Obama become the next president of USA? I think the government of USA will become a nice government and will not attack other countries anymore especially countries with so many oils. And synchronously, the world will gonna change much and many people will not suffer anymore.

If the current government still rules, there will be more suffers in the future especially people in the Middle East. American government just think and emphasize their own stomach, not the people in Middle East's stomach. They forgot that we are all the same, we are all human that came from same father and mother (Adam and Eve). They are not learning that people in the Middle East also have feeling and heart. Imagine if we ourselves stay in the Middle East, what do you feel?

I hope changes will happen for more brighter and peaceful future. I cannot stand anymore to watch people suffer in the Middle East because of the greediness of the present American goverment. They are only hunger for the oil and other minerals. If nothing changes, then we gonna see many more wars in the future. And peaceful world will remain as a mythos.



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