How to improve CPC (Cost per Click) on Google AdSense

Many think that the only way to increase CPC is to hunt for high paying keywords. Well, in reality, this is totally inefficient. The soundest ways to work on improving CPC imply targeting the right market, enriching content, improving CTR, tracking, testing. All these done, there's nothing else left than trusting AdSense's payment system.

When hearing about CPC boost, everybody thinks of high paying keywords, pick some and then build pages around them. Well it's not like that at all, do not go for it blindly! Artificially created sites around some keywords won't do you any good! High CPC goes beyond just high paying keywords. Media Partners Bot analyses much more than your keywords to serve the ads to your page. And we'll see what are these parameters.

Earnings per click cannot be kept very well under control, all that one can do is to create the premises for attracting high-paying ads, but even doing your best in this direction will not bring absolute certainty on a steady high CPC. For sure, there will be fluctuations.

First of all, there is the class of ads that AdSense will serve your pages. Apparently, it takes into account the following parameters when showing ads of a certain cost:

  • Everything related to webpage content: context, keywords, theming
  • Quality traffic — sites generating quality traffic will earn more, for the rate of conversion is estimated as bigger.
  • The age and size of a site.
  • The Page Rank.

Some of the factors that will influence further the CPC on your site (and over which you have little, if any, control):

  • advertiser’s budget
  • seasonal fluctuations
  • campaigns launched and ceased
  • changes of competition for keywords (new advertisers)
  • the smart pricing algorithm — if the estimated conversion rate of an ad is lower than expected, the earning per click will lower.

What to Do?

Of the parameters mentioned above, let us see what parts are under your control:

1. Create authentic, valuable, well-thematized webpage content. The potential of conversion of your content is analyzed. Put your marketing skills into creating pages that pre-sell. Good content will increase also your CTR attracting thus higher CPC ads.

2. Strive for improving CTR. Any action in this direction will be beneficial. Adsense will serve higher value ads to sites registering high ads CTR, for thus its profit will increase too. From this, higher CTR, higher possibility of conversion, thus higher CPC.

3. Study AdSense's payment system and analyze your site from the perspective of “smart” pricing.

4. The choice of the right keywords and phrases (not just the highest paying ones).
You can make a good profit from using phrases containing keywords that pay well instead of simple keywords, that way you get into a niche where the competitivity is lower and the chances to get higher CPC are greater.

5. Target the right markets. Businesses with a higher profit margin will afford to spend more on marketing.

6. Tracking, testing, previewing. Track the activity of your pages, see which perform better, concentrate on the type of content that generates good or at least decent earnings, optimize pages and use the preview tool to see what happens, if the resulting ads are as expected.
Remember to always preview the geographically targeted ads. Some of these might be lower paying.

Common Mistakes

Keep in mind! There are some mistakes that people do while trying to increase CPC.

  • Chosing highly searched for keywords.
  • Keyword popularity has nothing to do with their potential for conversion to money. Popular keywords, ones that have many searches, are not necessarily high paying ones.

  • Using URL filter to block filter what they think are low-paying ads.

    They do this in hope it will bring in place some ads with a higher value. In fact, this is an erroneus judgement, for thus, they block the highest bidders.

    According to the bidding rules of the system, it's only the highest value ads that will show. Blocking the ads served will determine AdSense to serve the next highest paying ones. Make sure you always track and test when blocking ads.

  • Doing everything they can to increase traffic as much as possible.

    Wrong again! You should look for ways to increase targeted traffic. AdSense analyzes the quality of the traffic and the possibility of conversion. Targeted traffic is more likely to convert well.

  • Trying to increase CTR by artificial methods, obtaining a huge increase in CTR in a very short while will more than sure be interpreted by AdSense as click fraud and will not only be ignored at payment but you won't get away with it click fraud cases are penalized by account disabling.



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