How to make 3d modelling process faster

Sometimes, modelling will become so difficult, not just because of dead ideas, but the modelling process become slower and heavier. If you found out that your design in 3ds Max so heavy (usually because of complex and so many objects), you can make it more lighter, more easier to do modelling. Just look at the image below, you can see the Display tab right?

- So firstly, select the object that you want to make it lighter to moves. If the objects are so many (like clone or array objects), group them first.

- Click the Display tab, and in a rollout, go to Display properties. You must tick the Display as Box. After that your object will become a simple box as display in a viewport. But if you render, you can still have the original object.

Yes, that's all, so easy right? Yet so helpful to make our job smoother and easier to conduct. Till then, happy modelling and all the best. :)



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