Is pagerank so important?

I have a story about Google pagerank. Before this i am so eager to see my blogs with higher pagerank. Until i found out, pagerank is not really helping my blogs. Why i said so? Hhhmm let's see what happened to one of my blogs.

I have a blog that reached Pagerank 4 not long time ago. But something not really nice happened after that, the visitors are slowing down and become lesser and lesser. I wonder why my pagerank become higher but my visitors become lesser.

Until that blog down again to Pagerank 2. I saw visitors increased again. Not like when it is at Pagerank 4. Hhhmm, so i realised that Pagerank is not really what i need to make so many visitors come to my blog. I don't know about others experience but this is my own experience and not to just one blog, but two blogs for now actually.

So i think, i will not work hard for page rank anymore, i mean i don't care what my pagerank is but the important is the visitors to my blogs. Just feel tired of so much thinking of pagerank before, phewww.

My own theory, maybe blogs with same pagerank compete each others. So for example, if there are so many pagerank 4 blogs and those blogs are more impressive, established and usually more visitors than our blog, so our blog will loose to them. Or in other word, your blog loose visitors to them and not really good to stay in search engine index (not at the front pages).

So whatever, quality contents are the most important to attract more visitors. So it's better to think of how to attract people than to increase our pagerank. All the best everyone :)



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