Is your PC working slow:

Are your sure it's your PC, and not the network you're talking on that's slow?
Sometimes networks get bogged down with traffic, making it seem like it's your PC that's slow.
If your PC has been fine, and just seems slow today, it's probably the network. If your PC seems slow from now on, it probably really IS your PC.

There are several simple things you can do yourself to speed things up, most of which have to do with freeing up space on your hard drive, or reducing the amount of fragmentation inside the hard drive.
Look in your Help section for information on how to delete no-longer-needed information your PC has stored off the internet.
Look on your PC for an application called Defrag and run it.
If your disc is nearly full, off load some of the contents to CD or an external hard drive, so your PC has more memory to work with.



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