Joke, is it good or bad?

There are many types of jokes like professional jokes, ethnic jokes, mathematical jokes, dirty jokes, religious jokes, political jokes, not funny jokes and so on. And not all people usually make same jokes with others. It depends on situation and what kind of people you are speaking to, right?

SO anybody out there don't like jokes? Of course there are also people that don't like jokes. But the quantity of them is so few. Usually people like jokes , only it depends on situation. Not all people make jokes anytime and any place but there are also some crazy people doing that. But still people cannot make jokes all the time at any place actually.

So what type of jokes do you prefer? Are you a joker or just a joke hearer all the time? So what do you think of joke? Is it really good in your life? Or is it annoying? SOme people think that jokes are annoying you know. But that if the jokes are made over the limit or over-acting. Not all jokes are appropriate with anybody. Some jokes are appropriate with some people and some are inapproriate.

Do you think someone that can make good joke is a creative person? And do joke is an art? There are people said that joke is an art and a creative work. Maybe you got different point of view.

Too many jokes actually not good for you. Maybe somebody will take heart of our jokes and so on. We don't know whether our jokes will make somebody else feel sad, mad etc. And there are also people that will jealous at the joke talented people too.

But without any jokes, your life maybe not cheerful. We also cannot communicate well if there are no humour at all. So , jokes are also important, only it's better been moderated. Not too much and not without having sense of humour at all.

Some guys attract gurls with jokes. Some gurls enjoy that and not few that disgust with it. Some make it as a hobby, and cannot live well without making a joke. Some set their ambition to be a joker for their profession someday. But not all can make jokes well and can make people laugh with their jokes. Sense of humour also is a gift, but also can be practised by imitating and learning from others. But usually not all people can succeed with it.

Whatever, modesty is the best policy. Too much at something is not a good thing. The important thing is peace in mind. Peace and justice for all ....... :)



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