Juzt-Reboot Your Recovery Solution

Juzt-Reboot® is a new generation of recovery solution that can be for PC and notebook. Later, I will tell you what is the SECRET for this product. Juzt-Reboot® can configured to operate in computing environment for academic, business or home purposes.

  1. System files or data is destroyed
  2. Virus or spyware attacks,
  3. Deletion, formatting, overwrites, modification system files
  4. Improper shutdowns or software corruption

Juzt-Reboot® will fix your system instantly, at the touch of a button or set to automatic on reboot. No other additional system/data recovery operations are required. BUT, if you DONT BACKUP the problem as the restore point for Juzt-Reboot®.

Juzt-Reboot® support many operating system including Linux and Windows Vista. Juzt-Reboot® come with Hardware and Software version. What make Juzt-Reboot® worth to buy? Isn't it same with Deep Freeze? Juzt-Reboot® has a feature like:
  • Clone your hard drive
  • Boot from certain drive only
  • Hardware and Software version

I will not tell you the secret because if everyone know then this company will out of bussiness. Juzt-Reboot® recording changes made to the HDD and applications, thus it only requires a small amount of HDD space to operate. This space totally hidden. Any idea where it is?



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