Latent Semantic Indexing : How to Get Top Search Engine Results

Latent Semantic Indexing is all the talk now among Webmasters trying to keep up with the ever-changing Google indexing for sites.

First of all what is Latent Semantic Indexing? Well it is a complex mathematical formula, but it is being used by search engines to help them determine what is the theme of the site.

It is now known that Google especially are giving more importance to websites that are closely themed, and this can be very effective for achieving a good position in search engine results.

Google when it visits a web page will not only look at the keywords included on a page, but will look at all the content to see the relevance of the content to the keywords.

This will help search engines to better understand the overall theme of the page.

Assuming you have done some keyword research using one of the keyword tools available, I personally recommend Wordtracker as I find the results more reliable. What is the next step to make website pages more closely themed?

The answer is to try to use as many of the results returned from the keyword tool in your content. This of course needs to be done so that the pages reads well of course.

Using this method, search engines are in no doubt as to the theme of the web page.

Google uses LSI to associate words for classifying pages, as opposed to depending only on the keywords of the past.

Another use of latent semantic indexing is in helping Google in assessing the write type of adsense ads to display on web pages.

To see what words Google thinks are related to a keyword for example, just do a search for any word with the ~ tilde key first. It is possible to get a list from Google of related keywords.

Use their keyword tool, it may provide new words that haven't been returned by the keyword tool you have used.

A list of results will be returned that Google say are related to your keyword.

Now to get top positions in search engines, it will be important to consider latent semantic indexing because of the close theming of pages will result in higher rankings in search engines.

There is nothing complicated with using latent semantic indexing for your web pages, it is a question of having closely themed sites with content that is related to one theme, so there can be no doubt as to the pages topic.

Another important point to consider is to make sure that you have the anchor text (the words in the hyper links) should vary. It is a good idea to use different words related to your main keyword.

Do not have all the incoming links pointing to one page. By varying the anchor text this will not only get more pages indexed, but will also help with the theming of websites.

For example if your main keyword is seo, you could use anchor text like search engine, search engines, search engine optimization.



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