let me dance with you let me sing to you.

let me dance with you let me sing to you
and sing the eternal song that is within
let me hold my desires open for your dwelling
and feed you off my dreams that know no bound of pleasure
o my darling
let this day not end with u not beside me
and this night not come with your lips not on mine
let my desires feed on none but your loving heart
and for not even a moment pass with you not in mine
o my sweetheart
let us become the sun that shines on my window
and lets the warm summer into my heart
let us be this rain that falls on your love garden
and drenches your petals with ever lasting love
let us become the epitome of our own desires
and enliven in this moment of endless ardor
let me take my dreams and rub them on you with love
so your heart may desire none but me in you forever
let my tireless love take a place in your golden heart
and dwell in your love drenched and drained
let us be together just for the love thats within
and make heaven that may jealous the angels above
let me eat thy loving cherries for one more nite
and have your desires scrump upon mine
let me dwell my love within the ravine in your thighs
and make new promises for nine more lives



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