MM-103 mobile A/V cabinet is a great home for gadgets


In a typical household it is easy for gadgets to take up place as per the owner’s convenience. But those furniture sellers would have us believe that the way to go is to get a classy cabinet for our A/V equipment. And you know what, they make a very valid point. That is why Exact Furniture’s Mobile A/V cabinet MM-103 seems more a necessity than a luxury. A large work surface coupled with several shelves and doors make it a perfect home for any entertainment appliance. The MM-103 has a laptop connection panel on top, replete with dual A/C power outlets, cables for audio, VGA and networking. A beautifully polished surface also houses a locking flip-up mirror flap. The main body is divided into two blocks: one to hold a DVD player and the other for a computer case. The MM-103 is easy to relocate, what with its 4” locking polyurethane wheels. This cabinet is available in mahogany, maple, and dark gray finishes, measures 92cmX104cmX69cm, and comes with a host of options to choose from, including an audio system, custom cut-outs and cooling fan. Head to the site for pricing details and options on offer.



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