Most Overlooked But Effective Methods for Free Google Syndication

Google is all about pooling pages from relevant and trusted websites. Having said this, if you market using free but popular websites, your business name can syndicate throughout Google more effectively.

Let's go right into the content.

Squidoo will always remain free and is just beginning to get popular. You build a lens on the topic of your choice and write just about everything you know. You build your lens by blogging, uploading photos, linking to other websites or even monetizing with, offers.

When you build a lens on Squidoo, be sure to use targeted keywords in the subdomain, and also in the title. For example, I haven't finished building one yet, but I do own and plan on making the lens all about how to enjoy Waikiki.

I already know that this lens will syndicate well for the search term "waikiki" once it's built simply because it's hosted at

Go to Squidoo and claim a lens, using targeted keywords before someone else will.

Using social bookmarking websites like increases traffic to your website if you do them correctly (important!). When you register, use your targeted keywords as your register name and it will create a subdomain within

Google will see that as a relevant page because it comes from an authority website. Be sure to create "tags" using your targeted keywords again.

I also like because you can choose multiple keywords to create tags. For example, instead of having to use "smallbusinessmarketing" as a tag, you can separate each word and compose more human friendly tags.

Other social bookmarking websites I recommend;,,, and can't forget

Be sure to make your bookmarks "public" so that Google spiders the content.

Feeds at

People overlook this simple method because technically it's in XML format and not in HTML. But who says Google won't syndicate XML?

After you create a blog, you can immediately publicize the feed, using Since you can use your favorite keyword to create a subdomain at, it becomes search engine friendly.

In addition, be sure to craft a human friendly title for the feed by giving a compelling title name. Here is mine for an example.

Browse the Craigslist and find the largest city near you. If you own a small business but never yet to post an ad on Craigslist, you will realize how much free traffic you miss out on. If you cannot find your own city, go head and create an account anyway and place a free add.

By displaying a free ad, you just created a page at a popular website. If you correctly use targeted keywords on the title of your ad, your page should pick up extra and free-targeted traffic and start appearing on Google search results relating to the keywords you used. is a good alternative to

Press Release Distribution

To ensure your press release serves newsworthy content, be sure to keep the readers in mind instead of your own self-serving interest. Ask your self this; why is your content newsworthy? Are there interesting facts or stats relating to your business?

After creating a press release, you can submit the release to websites that allow timely and lenient submission.

Some websites take up to 3 days before they accept your press release while others accept it without examining the content.

The important principle here is that authority websites accept your release and host a page for you so that Google syndicates the content.

My favorite websites for sending press releases is:,,,,

I find allowing the most lenient submission out of all.

All of the free sources above enable you to expose your business name. However, even in the event Google won't necessarily index all of the pages you create for you business, the added traffic will pay off for all of your combined effort.

Remember that your brand becomes recognized based on what others say about you and not what you say about it yourself. Use these free sources to target the right audience so that you can start dominating your niche online before someone else will.



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