New Year’s Eve - Goodbye 2008… I Probably Won’t Miss You

First of all , HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE… and since I know I won’t post another on New Year’s Day[ maybe], I really truly want to wish everyone a very GREAT and prosperous 2009.

I want to thank all of the readers and people who have visited this blog/site through 2008. Absolutely a wonderful year, and I enjoyed posting posts for others to enjoy/be informed about.

The amount of e-mails I’ve received because of my blogging has been overwhelming, but I’ve always managed to respond (hopefully 100%) in a decent amount of time. Moving on, the blog has grown more than I could’ve imagined, and just a big warm thanks at the beginning of 2009 is exactly what I wanted to do at this time.

2008 has had it’s ups and downs, and for me… its EXTREME ups and EXTREME downs. It’s been one hell of a roller coaster ride. I seriously think I won the gold this year for going through the most. Insane year! Saying good bye to 2008 won’t be hard at all, since I have a lot to look forward in 2009, but can’t forget everything I’ve accomplished in 2008.
I would love to write little longer my friends but i am sorry to say that i am suffering from migrain and its not getting any better since days and i must leave you now.



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