Niches - How to Find a Good One?

Choosing a niche market is a very important step that will really be the difference between possible success and failure.

What should be considered when choosing niches? One of the most important points is whether there is demand for products in that particular niche and what type of competition there is.

It is best to choose certain niches that are focusing on a specific area that is popular and in demand.

Niches like Internet marketing for example although very popular are saturated and to succeed in this market will take a lot of work, as the competition is strong.

Focusing on certain areas of a general niche will normally offer greater rewards. For example instead of targeting health, focus on children's health, women's health, pregnancy, etc.

Offer interesting content that is searched by many people looking for help on specific areas.

Look at forums and discussion boards to see what type of questions are being asked. See if it is possible to find a hot topic and answer those questions whether it is in the form of an ebook or a website closely themed to give information on a specific subject.

Almost certainly there will be a lot of information already available on any niche chosen, so try to be different and offer something unique.

There are many places to visit to find out whether you chosen niche is popular. Visit sites like Ebay, take a look at the subheadings, look at what's hot and want it now sections to find what people are searching for.

Dmoz is another site that will give ideas of what's in demand, go to a general topic and then see how many results are given for subheading to see what is in demand.

Amazon can also offer an idea of what's selling, look at the bestseller lists, to find the latest hot topics.

Use a keyword tool to do some research regarding the number of searches per month on your chosen niche, to get an idea on how many people are looking for information on that subject.

Go to Google and do a search for your chosen niche and on the results page see how many Adwords ads appear on the right of the page. This will give an indication of how popular the topic is.

If there are many ads, then it is a popular niche, and there are many advertisers. This will mean that if thinking of using Adwords as part of the promotion process, then to achieve a good position will probably be expensive depending on the chosen niche.

If there are only a few results in the Adwords section, this doesn't mean that the niche won't be a success. Perhaps it is a new topic that has suddenly become popular and also it will be possible to get a good position in the Adwords results for a low cost per click. (wmtips remark: you can also use our Adsense Preview Tool to examine Adsense Ads for specific keywords.)

Use search engines to see how many searches are being carried out to find popular niches.



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