Pimp Your PS3 or Xbox360 with the Wasabi Collection


A couple of weeks ago the Japanese company Gametech sent us a set of stickers for the Xbox360, PSP, PS3, and iPhone. I finally took time to pimp my PS3 and X360 and today I’ll share my experience.

It’s important to stress the Wasabi Collection stickers are made from good material, I particularly like the nice satiny finish and feel they gave to both my PS3 and X360. Another impressive achievement is their design quality in terms of drawing and reproduction… absolutely flawless and amazingly reproduced.

Ready to Ramble?
My biggest concern was Gametech only lent us their stickers and made it clear they had to be returned (?!?!?!?) after the test… As you can imagine I was quite puzzled by this, how will my PS3 and X360 look once the stickers are removed? Would I have clean the game consoles for hours to remove glue stains once the test was over?

With a huge question mark surrounding the decision as to whether or not test these stickers, I finally gave it a try.

Despite having two left hands, placing the stickers was easy, particularly on the X360. The PS3 was a little bit trickier to handle especially on the lid, but if you take the time and clean the game console before hand it will be pretty easy.

Breathtaking… Seriously the stickers are AMAZING and make your PS3 or X360 look completely different. Have a look at the gallery below and you’ll see how stunning they look. The satiny finish is way better than the shiny plastic on the PS3.

A little minus on the X360 set, as you can see below the pieces don’t always match.

Easy to Remove?
The stickers are easy to remove but you’ll probably damage them. The good new is they don’t stain, damage, or leave any glue.

Whether or not your PS3 or X360 is brand spanking new, these stickers give a second life to your beloved game consol and a nice Japanese touch to your living room… Easy to place and well designed, they’re a MUST have if you’re bored with your consol’s impersonal design.



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