Pools of sorrow waves of joy are drifting through my opened mind, Possessing and caressing me.

We live in the modern age ............
Where love is as fast as a turning page .....................
Old fashioned love...what a quaint phrase that is. It brings to mind porch swings on a summer's eve, picnics in a wooded glen, soft music and moonlit paths, walking holding hands, and stollen kisses hidden beneath the weeping willow tree.
So many young girls, dreamed of being swept off their feet by Prince Charming, never realizing just how many frogs they'd have to kiss in the quest of discovering that elusive, handsome devil, or how slim the chance of actually finding him!

Too often, we have no concept of what true love is, believing that the butterflies in our tummies and the flush that accompanies the passionate kisses are the marks of something true and lasting. If only hormones and the impatience of youth, coupled with peer pressure and a fear of being alone were not such powerful forces!
Today, we move at such a furious pace that the old fashioned love we dream of would have to harness a lightening bolt just to keep up with us...
Being courted, another old fashion concept, is a romantic beginning where two people learn about each other and share special moments in time. It is not something that happens in an instant and every moment should be savored and cherished, etching the sweet taste endelibly on our hearts and souls to be brought back in our minds as precious memories when time has dulled our senses and other, less vivid, memories fade. Courtship is a time for planning little things that will bring hearts together. Love notes and little thoughtful and unexpected surprises will be remembered many years after the moment of sharing has passed.

Sitting in front of a video game or standing on a street corner listening to loud music simply are not things that would inspire the heart to romantic memories.
If we could but slow down and cherish the moments we share with those we meet and are attracted to, chances are that a love such as that, for which the heart so achingly yearns, might actually have a chance to grow. But, it takes time for something precious to develop, and tender relationships must be gently tended in order to flower into the stuff dreams are made of.
We tend to think of the marriages that our parents had as being beautiful and sweet, and rightfully so. To have lived in the times they lived and raise families with strong moral values is an achievement worthy of much more than simply being admired. We should emulate our forebears and strive to achieve that state of completeness.

Old fashioned love that weathers life's storms deepens through years of sharing the joys and pain that a relationship endures. It is the history of a life together that creates the warm and tender looks shared by those of us blessed enough to realize what we've created, having built upon a love strong enough to last a lifetime. Be patient, kind, and loving it is so worth the effort!



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