Samsung officially intros S5230 and S5600 touchphones for Europe


We’re well past the point of touchscreens being relegated to the high end, and Samsung’s out to drive the point home with a pair of fresh ones destined for Europe over the coming months. Starting at the bottom, the S5230 tops out at EDGE speeds but features a commendable 3-inch WQVGA display, 3 megapixel cam, microSD expansion, FM radio, and naturally, TouchWiz — and it’s all shoved into a mere 11.9mm. The real high-speed action starts up in the S5600 that we heard a bit about after MWC, where we pick up 7.2Mbps HSDPA on the 900 and 2100MHz bands — only problem is, you’ve got to step down to a 2.8-inch QVGA display to get it. It’ll slide into retail come May, while the S5320 gets a little bit of a jump start, hitting shelves in April.



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