Sony’s New Bravia LCD Line-up with Integrated Felica-Edy Reader


This morning Sony Japan released two new Bravia LCD HD TV line-ups, the W5 and F5. Both feature a 240MHz Motion Flow panel (excpet the 32F5 that only feature sa 120MHz LCD) and a Felica / Edy e-Wallet reader on their remote control for making online payment for VOD (Video On Demand) services in Japan (similar two the PSN Japanese network and the Edy card reader for the PS3).

Thanks to the Bravia Engine 3, both the W5 and F5 LCDs have a dynamic contrast ratio of 3800:1 up to 100,000:1.

The differences between the two are as follows:

W5 Series is available in 40″ to 52” with a Dual Digital TV tuner. The F5 Series is available with 32″, to 46” and a single Digital TV tuner.

The video below gives additional details on how the Felica/Edy reader works when purchasing VOD.



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