Ten Good Reasons for using Adsense

Why is Adsense so popular? What is the difference between traditional banner ads and Adsense? In this article, I'll give you ten good reasons for using Adsense.

1. Displaying relevant ads

Adsense contains a vast advertiser base and its technology can deliver ads that are highly relevant to the content of the page. For example, you blog is about cars. Adsense will automatically selects those cars related ads and shown on your blog. Studies have proved that the percentage of clicks is higher for relevant ads than random ads. More clicks means higher revenue for you, too!
2. One contact point and that's it

Another advantage is that after you've created a blog about cars, later maybe you want to create another blog about movies also. All you need to do is to use the same Adsense code then that's done. Unlike traditional advertising, you'll have to contact different companies for different kinds of ads. You only need one contact, Adsense.
3. One time registration only

As a Webmaster, you may own several blogs. However, you only need to register with the Adsense program once. After you've registered, if you continue to create another blogs later, you don't need to register with Adsense again.
4. Credibility of Google

With the backup from Google, one of the largest search engines in the Internet, you don't have to worry of not getting pay or being cheated by those fake “earn money online" companies.
5. Support different languages

Now you may wonder, is Adsense supports my language or not? Don't worries Adsense supports different kinds of language, not only English.
6. Combine your blog with Google search engine

Apart from earning revenue from ads, joining the Adsense program also enables you to place a Google search box on your site. On one hand, your readers don't have to switch to Google to search something that they're interested; they can search that in your site and make them stay longer. On the other hand, when your readers search it from your site, the results shows up with ads also and you'll get paid when your reader click on it.
7. Customize the appearance of ads

Traditional banner ads made your site looks “ugly" as you don't have much control on its appearance. Let's say you already have a banner on your site and you probably don't want so many banners on it. With Adsense, you can customize the appearance of ads to make it more suitable for your site. If your site is mainly blue, you can choose the color of the ads to be blue also.
8. Text-based ads

Adsense offers you text-based ads as well as traditional graphic banner ads. According to studies, most readers are already getting sick and tired of the traditional graphic banner ads. Automatically, they tend to ignore these banner ads and developed the banner ad blindness behavior. By using text based ads, webmaster doesn't have to face the problem of banner ad blindness and the click through rates will be expected to be much higher, too.
9. Keep track of the performance of ads

You can place your ads in different locations on different pages. Adsense enables you to assign different channels to different ads. As a result, you'll know which location's ad has the highest number of clicks in your site.
10. Customizable reports

Finally, Adsense provides a large range of reports to you. You can analyze these reports and make the corresponding adjustments to improve you site. The reports are customizable, too.



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