There are many reports of AdSense publishers being banned by AdSense and often not given the cause of the suspension.

There are many reports of AdSense publishers being banned by AdSense and often not given the cause of the suspension. They are also not given only limited chances for appeal. This post is about my own experience and the experience of others who have their account suspended.

In my case, I have not had my account suspended, but have came close to it. I received warning letters that my account have been receiving invalid clicks or impressions (can't remember which one, or if it had been specifically specified). Anyway, I used to be a member of an auto-surf program, and although I have stopped using it for a long time, somehow, I was still receiving hits from that site (I have statcounter installed in all my blogs, so I can tell from where my traffic is coming from. It will be good for you to install a traffic counter for your site.) For instruction on how to install statcounter, see How to track visitors to your blog.) I immediately wrote to the owner of the auto-surf program to ask them to remove me from their service. I never got a response. Luckily, I managed to find out how to disable my auto-surf account myself. I replied to the warning letter, saying I have disabled the auto-surf program, and asked if there is still anything that may not be in compliance with the TOS. All I receive was what seem to be a canned reply. But anyway, my AdSense account is still active.

Once your account is suspended, the chances of it being reactivated again is very slim, but not zero. Here are a few links to sites that detailed the experiences of those who got their account back, and how they did it, and also some sites which offer some good tips on how to appeal. Hope it help you.

"How to Bring Google AdSense Down" Or "You are Guilty but We will not Tell You Why" and "How to Resurrect Your Google AdSense Account".
It is a first hand account of someone who had his account suspended, and how he had to appeal twice to get it back.

You too can get banned from AdSense with no money down (Enquire Within)Another who got banned, and not only got back into the program, but had all the money due to him reimbursed

Geek Talk
Geek Talk, a forum. A thread where there was one very good reply from a poster Larwee where he detailed what why the situation is like this and what a publisher should try to do to get his account back.

What to Do if Google Wrongly Bans You from AdSense, By Paul Middleton
A personal account of how Paul Middleton got banned and how he got his account back.

How to ensure your AdSense account will not be cancelled
It is a list of the top 10 list of what to do (and not to do!) to ensure your AdSense account remains in good standing.

15 Common Mistakes by Google AdSense Publishers that Violates Terms of Service
A good list of thing to avoid or to do to stay in good standing with Google AdSense.

AdSense Bowling
An account of how an enemy can get you banned from AdSense. If you are an AdSense publisher, try not to make enemies. Example of how an enemy can get you ban. Get your AdSense scripts from the source codes of your sites, including your Google AdSense identity, place it on sites that violates AdSense TOS, etc. Sometimes, it is not even necessary to go to that length. All he has to do is to go to one of your sites and click on the ads repetitively. Moral of the story: DON'T MAKE ENEMIES.

If your account was disabled for invalid clicks, here is the contact form for you to appeal for reinstatement: Appeal

Contact Form for reporting AdSense invalid clicks

This is for those whose account have not been suspended but have accidentally clicked on their own ads or have reasons to suspect that there are invalid clicks being generated. In such cases, it is always better for you to let AdSense know first rather than for them to find out about it later. Here is the contact form for reporting invalid clicks:
Reporting AdSense Invalid Clicks (close new window to get back to this page).



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