Top 10 Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Content

Writing an SEO friendly content is one of the most important steps in process of link building. Here I am sharing the summary of tips and tricks to generate SEO friendly content. The process of link building is a long one. Remember Rome was not built in a day! I will not talk about the process itself in this article. What I would talk here is about the crucial aspect of content generation (basically writing SEO friendly articles) that happens when one tries to do link building. Content is a King! Good SEO friendly articles and content is what is required when you are into serious link building. Here I am sharing tips on how to write content that has an impact on your link building process. After all i am sure you are running a business then you are not writing content for charity, you are indeed looking for some link juice out there.

Here are to 10 tips to make your article SEO friendly:

  1. Keep it Short
    Limit your article to less than 1000 words. A long paragraph without breaks is boring. Best is to put things in short points (like the one you are reading) else you can break the article into small units, making the articles reader friendly. If its any longer consider break it into two posts.
  2. Reliable Data
    Give links to authoritative domains like Wikipedia when quoting facts. Don't give outbound links to non authoritative sites that seem spam. Mention reliable sources you used to collect the data. Always give credit to original authors. In return you might even get a link back.
  3. Classic simple layout of content
    Introduction, main content, and finally the summary. Keep it simple.
  4. Choose Keywords before writing
    Before you write any article think of keywords you are targeting as you write SEO friendly article (hint hint). Use the keywords in your article title (see the title of this article is Top 10 Tips to write SEO friendly article), start your article with mention of keyword in the beginning of the sentence. Search Engines just love this.
  5. Multiplicity of Keyword
    Use your keywords multiple time in your SEO friendly Article (see I used it again) Use in title, headlines of sections, and in sentences. Don't abuse it though.
  6. Keyword Positioning
    In your SEO friendly article try to have the keyword used at least two times. Best places to use are the beginning of sentence and at end of paragraph sentence. In addition try using the keyword as the first word of the first paragraph, as well as the last word of the article, can be even more effective(as an example see this article - Notice the first and last sentence in article both have SEO friendly article keyword)
  7. Don't be greedy, Give out good links
    After writing your article inject it with interesting links at appropriate places. Counter intuitive fact - You may even give a link to your competitor here (of course use rel="nofollow"), but the point is that the article is for your readers not you. It should make a complete read for them. You will end up winning finally when you get more diggs, readers, subscribers doing this.
  8. Write article for readers not search engines
    Don't abuse the tips in this article. Write for users not for search engines. Keep the reader engaged (I just hope you have reached till here)
  9. Choosing right Title
    If you are editing in HTML then give utmost attention to title. Title must contain keyword. Insert appropriate keywords in meta keyword. In meta 'Description', write about two sentences which describe briefly your article and contain the keyword at least once.
  10. Be innovative and original
    Use your own innovative ideas and knowledge. Update your articles whenever you find new things.

Follow these tips and create SEO friendly articles which will spread faster and rank better in search engine world.



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