Virus in Gothic 3 v1.12 update

Beware when you download updates for Gothic 3, especially what i found a few moments ago. The virus lay in Gothic 3.exe and it's called Trojan Horse generic5.JKL . It maybe infected other files too but i notice only Netscape file infected so far.

I scanned with AVG Antivirus, while my running Avast did not detect it. That's why i prefer to scan with more than one antivirus because we cannot rely to only one. Sometimes AVG can detect and other times AVG cannot detect but Avast can. So they have their own advantages and disadvantages. For me, it's better to scan with more than one. But be cautious, only one antivirus can be set as a main one (as one of a startup file and activate live) in the same time or else they maybe clash.

I forgot from which site i download that update file. It is an update to v1.12 and the Gothic 3 icon did not appear at the EXE file. Just becareful and scan with AVG or other antiviruses first before running the program. I recommend to use AVG too. Good luck and all the best!



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