wished to be kept a secret

Tonight I was sitting underneath the staircase.
It's one of my most favourite places to sit with my cup of Cocoa, because the heater looks after your cold toes and that's where the very big dictionary lives.(I am teaching myself a new word everyday, today's word is 'Aureola').
I have just climbed up to my bedroom because in the living room they are watching a programme about snakes and I am afraid of snakes.I'm afraid of the dark too, and nightmares and falling asleep and forgetting how to breathe.Sometimes I'm afraid of my heart getting sleepy and stopping.
But, I'm most afraid of all the wars and our houses being damaged up by the war I keep having dreams about it and that's why I've become scared of falling asleep.In my dreams the war planes reaches up to my bedroom window and I look out and it's like blood and bodies everywhere. My brother runs into my bedroom and says that there is a big plane inside our sitting room.And the plane is getting higher and higher and I know that we have to hide, because that's the only way.Follow the heartsHope upon hope for a friendly plane or a Never-Bird.(I told this to Ma, she said I should draw it and draw it and draw it until it goes away).
I want to keep this secret,but I don't know if there's room in the world for anymore secrets.Because people hide things too.In their pockets. In the knots in their spine and the gaps in their teeth.And sometimes i wish they would take better care,because pockets get holes in the bottom and teeth fall out.
You should always keep secrets with the monsters under the bed.
You can feel them there and nobody else can see them.



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