Writing a SEO-friendly Title

Picture thousands of tiny Google Robots scouring the web for relevant content to match up with millions of searches. When Googlebot finds your website, the most important information it collects, are the Page Titles.

Title Tags are one of the Most Important Factor in SEO

Place the title for each page between the two tags in your HTML code.

Page Titles are Displayed:

  • In the top bar of your web browser for the page you are currently viewing.
  • On the top line for each entry in the Search Results.
  • As the default text used for bookmarking a web page in your browser.

Start with a Great Headline, then SEO

When your site shows up in the search results, the Title is the first chance you have to get noticed and make an impression. A Title that promises a benefit to your potential customers increases the chances of being selected. Without a title that encourages a click-through, all your SEO efforts to boost your site in the search results will have been wasted.

Powerful SEO Device

Before you can optimize your title tags, you'll need to research your most valuable SEO keywords. Strategically incorporating your keywords into your title tags is a powerful SEO tactic. Be sure to use the same keywords in the title throughout the content of the page.

Top Title Tag Tips for SEO

  • Place the most important keywords at the beginning.
  • Write titles using capitals, like the title of a book.
  • Keep titles down to 65 characters long.

Avoid these SEO Title Tag Mistakes

  • No Title at all. There are over 35 million web pages called: 'Untitled Document.' They have absolutely no SEO value.
  • All Page Titles the same. Misses a huge SEO opportunity. Optimize each page with its own unique title tag.
  • Wasting space with filler words. Use concise phrases. | Make every word count. | Use the 'vertical bar' character to separate phrases.
  • Keyword stuffing. No one will click on a title in the search results that just consists of a bunch of keywords. Google doesn't like it either.
  • Sales pitches. You'll turn off potential customers before they even get to your website.

Optimizing your title tags is an essential step for strategic SEO. A title that stands out in the search results will be noticed by your potential customers and bring in more business to your website.



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