Islam Historical Perspective

Islam Historical Perspective

Muhammad (blessing and peace be upon him) was born in the year 570 A.C. in the city of Makkah in Arabia. He came of a noble family; he received the first revelation at the age of forty. As soon as he started preaching Islam, he and his followers were persecuted and had to face severe hardships. He was, therefore, commanded by God to migrate to Madina, another city in Arabia. During a short span of 23 years, he completed his mission of prophethood and died at the age of 63. He was put to rest in the city of Madina. He left no wealth or property. He led a perfect life and set an example for all human-beings. His biography illustrates in real life, the meaning and implications of the Qura'nic teachings.

Islam’s Rational Appeal

Islam in its clear and direct way of expressing truth has a tremendous amount of appeal for any seeker of knowledge. It is a solution for all the problems of life. It is a guide towards a better and complete life glorifying, in all its phases, God, the Almighty Creator and the Merciful Nourisher.

Muslim Papulation

About 1 in 5 people in the world are Muslim, the majority of whom are not Arab.

Jihad in Islam:

This seems to be one of the most misunderstood concepts in the media. To Muslims everything in their life can be seen as a Jihad. It essentially means struggle. The majority of the time this is essentially a personal struggle of oneself to the utmost in order to personally become a better person. It could be making the effort to stop smoking, swallowing you anger when provoked, giving time to your child after work though you are tired, to oraganise events for the betterment of society though you are shy.

The small part of this Jihad may also require the person to have the courage to physically defend the rights of others. A Muslim, therefore expends all the powers of body and soul, his wealth, possessions in the effort to improve oneself and remove oppression from the world and bring justice. The more widely known concept of Jihad is expressed in the Qur'an as, "What has happened to you? Why don't you fight in the way of Allah in support of men, women and children whom finding helpless, they have repressed; and who pray, 'O Allah! Liberate us from this habitation which is ruled by tyrants.'" (Holy Qur'an 4:75)



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