Poonch Azad kashmir

BanjosaFrom the end of the 17th century to 1837 Poonch was ruled by the Muslim Rajas of Loran. It then fell into the hands of Raja Faiz Talab Khan of Rahuri. In 1846 after the Treaty of Amritsar, it was handed over to Mahrajah Gulab Singh. He handed over Poonch and some other areas to his nephews, Jawahar Singh and Moti Singh with some legal stipulations. Poonch was annexed and converted into a Jagir by Mahrajah Hari Singh in 1935-36 by deposing the Raja of Poonch. The Dogras always found it difficult to rule in Poonch. In 1947, the people of Poonch started an armed struggle against the Dogra and Indian forces.

Rawalakot is the district headquarters and is situated in the heart of district Poonch. The altitude of this beautiful saucer-shaped valley is 1615m, and is situated 76 Km from Kohala. During summer, the place becomes full of green grass and beautiful flowers including many varieties of roses.

Located 12Km from Rawalakot is Paniolla full of calm and charming characteristics.

About 20Km from Rawalakot and at 1981m above sea-level is Banjosa. A very attractive site full of scenic beauty which also houses a small lake with boating facilities.

Pullandri and Sudhanuti are situated at 1372m above sea-level. Located 97Km from Rawalpindi (Pakistan) via Azad Pattan, they have wonderful and picturesque landscape with green mountains all around.

Trarkhal is a small town situated 129Km from Kohala and at 1982m above sea-level. Trarkhal is most famous for its radio station which was used for transmitting news to Indian-Occupied-Kashmir.

Located some 112Km from Rawalakot at 2134m above sea-level is Aliabad. This place is sorrounded by thick mixed forests of Deodar, bluepine and fir.



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