Free 3D wallpaper tip: Why is my text so small in "native"?

"But if I have a large 'native' screen the text is too small!" That is true for many people and monitors. And though it is tempting to change that resolution, resist the urge, and instead increase the text or font size. Here's how:

* Click Start > Control Panel > Display > Appearance > Font Size.
* Easier Way! Right-click empty space on your desktop > select desktop properties

Free 3D wallpaper tip: How do I know what my native resolution is?

The native resolution is the maximum resolution the LCD monitor will display. See What is my screen resolution to see the highest numbers available in your resolution list.


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Hi dear !
Very nice Blog. I just want to know that how to put the picture thumbnails from picasa to a blogger post same as you have in this post "many photos with thumbnails". Please guide me.


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