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Just having the Jon Gosselins of the world out on the dating scene can make a single gal way uneasy. So how do you tell the snakes from the Rob Pattinsons, especially with Twitter and texting taking hooking up and getting dumped to new levels?Since some of you have been writing in with questions about all this, we cozied up to dreamy Jon Hamm to have him help readers decipher this new dating etiquette. And for the hot, young female perspective, we checked back on Kristen Stewart’s thoughts on the new technological sitch.
Check it out:
Dear Awful Truth:
I met the hottest guy out the other night. And we totally clicked! Great conversation, total chemistry—you know. We exchanged numbers, but all he does is text me. I have even called him because I thought I was going to get arthritis in my thumbs, and he still texted back! He just asked me out to a nice dinner via t-message, but I feel weird going since I haven’t really, you know, heard his voice. Should I go? Do I need to just accept this is how dating is going to be in this century? PS pass this along to a hottie for me ;)—Not So Tech Savvy Erin
Dear Tech Savvy:
Personally, we’re not keen on always talking on the phone (sometimes people never hang-up hence the male fear), but I think if you can’t get the guy on the other line now you’ll have a hard time with it in the future. Sure—texting is way more convenient sometimes, but if a guy’s into you he’ll throw a phone call in every now and then. Especially if he’s trying to take you on a proper date.
And Jon Hamm totally agrees with us:
“[Texting] is not very sexy. And it’s not very romantic. But I don’t think many guys have a handle on that anyway. I can’t imagine ever asking a girl out via text. But I’m old! [Dating] is harder now. There’s much less face-to-face contact and way more availability and exposure with Facebook, Twitter, etc. But call me old fashioned—I would call a girl to ask her out.”What Mr. Hamm says goes in our opinion…we say holding out for a phone call isn’t being high maintenance for a real date.As for another gal’s view? If you remember back when we chatted with Kristen Stewart at the Adventureland junket she shared your pain that technology, well, just kind of sucks when it comes to this stuff more complicated:”If you’re not connected to everybody—if you aren’t updating your Facebook everyday—then something must be wrong. That’s weird. Like you’re one thing to everybody if you’re so connected by [technology] all the time.”Obviously Kristen is a romantic—she wouldn’t bite for a text invite. If you don’t believe us then at least trust the gal who has nabbed Robert Pattinson. Hold out for a gentleman babe!
A.T. readers help us out here: Is a text date okay?




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