Jessica's World is Rocked Yet Again

Jessica Simpson is all shook up.
No, her ex-Tony Romo hasn't acted douchey once again and publicly humiliated Jess.
The songstress arrived in Japan over the weekend only to experience a huge earthquake that rocked the Tsuruga Bay region of the country. In response to what is now being classififed as a 7.2 shaker, Simpson did what anyone would do: tweet.
"I have never felt anything like this in my life," wrote Jess. "Thought I was hallucinating during a 6.6 earthquake in Japan. Laying in bed watching CNN."
In all fairness, earthquakes of any size are scary, but a quake of that magnitude would be down right terrifying. And it looks like Jess wasn't the only one overseas.
Beyoncé and Solange Knowles were shaken up, too, with little sis
updating her Twitter, as well: "How did I sleep through a serious earthquake? AGAIN." An hour later, she continued: "WTF! My sister said she was scared out of her mind and calling my mom and I was snoring. 6.6? Tsunami watch?"
On a more positive note, all three singers are safe and healthy—and their tweeting capacity has clearly not been diminished.



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