Sound Carrier 300 B, acoustical perfection delivering absolute sound


Music may be an asset for an audiophile, but they require equally refined systems to immortalize the acoustic luxuries in their mind and soul. Designed as a part of the exclusive Aurum series, the “Sound Carrier 300 B” is an acoustical perfection from the house of Tehnicki Centar Krklec that promises to fulfill any audiophile’s quest for absolute sound. Built on a gold plated copper chassis, the music system other than presenting the crystal-clear sound also touts high-end components. Featuring transformers built on double C-cores, the €12 000 ($17,281) Sound Carrier also includes Mundorf Silver Gold Oil coupling capacitors, 2W tantalum Audionote resistors, Cardas speakers and RCA terminals, together with 300 B Western Electric tubes and Mundorf and Audionote wiring. A great prospect we guess to ensure sweet musical melodies.



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